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About Us

J S Group Transformer Bushings is a known name in Transformer Bushings manufacturing segment, making a varied range of Transformer Bushings including 11 KV, 22 KV, 36 KV etc. Tthe company has created a niche in the Transformer Manufacturing segement.

Why us:

We at, J S Group Transformer Bushings manufacture the Transformer Bushings kepping in mind the quality and the cost-effectiveness for giving the best milege to the customer. Our team of dedicates engineers give there 100% on the quality. Our policy is to give the quality product to the client at a price which is very cost effective for the client. These policy differentiate us from our customers competitors in this competitive market. We manufacture products like upto 36 KV. using high quality raw materials. Our Transformer Bushings are manufactured under the guidance of expert engineers who are proffesional and give there best for the company.

Our team of engineer designs Transformer Bushings for optimum efficiency by delicate work . Our product are designed ensuring the minimal possibel losses hence giving more produtivity. Our products are been checked for quality at different levels ensuring thr quality products is made as per the market standard and also keeping our esteemed clients happy by giving them more then their expectation. These tests are carried out using calibrated precision-grade testing equipment on all the Transformer Bushings.